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MRI is a safe test to get detailed images of the inside of your body.  It is the best diagnostic test for most health conditions. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses strong magnetic fields to produce images of the inside of the body.  There is no radiation, so it is a safe test.

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Large Bore Reduces Fear of Closed Spaces

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Common Symptoms An MRI Can Assess

Head & Neck





What Is MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a type of scan that uses magnetic fields to produce detailed images of the inside of the body.  It does not use radiation and is very safe.


No, an MRI scan is painless. It involves lying down for a period of time.  The scanner is noisy, but we give you ear protection.

Can I Get An MRI without a GP referral?

Vitalscan offers you an MRI both with or without a GP or specialist referral.  All requests are reviewed by our in-house team of specialist Consultant Radiologists. If we feel you do not require an MRI or there is a more suitable test, we will inform you in advance to help you achieve the best outcome.


Our advanced scanner has a larger bore, with AI-supported faster scanning. During the scan, you can listen to any music of your choosing or select an exclusive ambient experience to keep you relaxed. These options can reduce anxiety to get you the best quality images. Our experienced staff will also support you, with tips to help you relax.

WHy should i opt for a PRIVATE MRI SCAN?

Paying for a private MRI scan allows you to bypass long waiting lists in the NHS to find a diagnosis and in turn access treatment more quickly. 

For a small additional fee, you can book a follow-up consultation with the Consultant Radiologist who reported your scan and have the results explained to you in a non-imposing and detailed manner. Remember, the more you understand about your scan and health, the more you are empowered to take the necessary steps to get you back to fitness.

Can I Request an MRI In The NHS?

MRI scans are performed in the NHS but only after recommendation from a GP or specialist. Vitalscan accepts self-referrals to put you firmly in control. You can also avoid the long waiting lists in the NHS to prevent a delay in diagnosis or treatment.

Do I Need a Contrast (dye) Injection?

A Gadolinium contrast injection may be required during your scan, if there is a clinical indication or the radiologist recommends it. This is included within your fixed price for the MRI. 

We check your kidney function before giving you the contrast.

Whilst a contrast MRI provides the doctor with valuable information, they typically will not order an MRI with contrast unless they think it is necessary. Most cases, such as work-related injuries, sports injuries and back pain, do not usually require intravenous contrast administration.


Your scan may identify a finding that requires further assesment or treatment. You can decide if you wish to continue with NHS or private treatment. 

What Is the Cost Of an MRI Scan?

In the UK, the cost of  a one part scan and report varies between £400 – £800 depending on the centre, location and complexity. There are often additional charges for results and reports within 1 week. Further charges are also made for sharing your report on a CD or digital file.

Vitalscan offers the most competitive priced MRI scans in the UK, as we are a radiologist-led centre (not an army of managers), providing you direct access to experienced specialists. Vitalscan offers fixed prices for all MRI scans.


Having a private scan does not exclude you from NHS care. It is NHS policy that you are able to continue with your care in the NHS.

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