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MRI £350 | Full Body Scan £1000 | Ultrasound £250 | Blood Tests £150

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  15 - 45 Minutes
No Referral Required

Full Body Scan


  60 - 70 Minutes
No Referral Required

Joint Injection or Hydrodistension


  20 - 40 Minutes
No Referral Required



  15 - 30 Minutes
No Referral Required

Blood Testing


  5 - 10 Minutes
On-Site “The Vital Blood Test”

MRI Arthogram


  60 - 70 Minutes
No Referral Required
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Same Day MRI Available

Having the right analysis speeds up admittance to the right treatment. We give you complete control of your healthcare journey to empower the right medical decisions with confidence.


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Complete Booking Form

Pick a diagnostic test (MRI, Ultrasound, Blood Test) and find an appointment slot.  Complete the questionnaire.


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Instant Confirmation of Appointment

All confirmed! We will notify you by SMS and email with your appointment.


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We Quality Check

Hate surprises? We’ll inform you if you need any further preparation or tests to avoid unnecessary time and costs.


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Have Your Scan / Diagnostic

Visit our centre for your MRI scan, ultrasound or blood test.  You will be seen by a health care specialist who will be with you across the journey.


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Your Results

Results are typically delivered within 3 days. You can also book a video call appointment with the Consultant to simplify and explain your results.


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Sharing Your Report

Using our portal, you can share this with your GP or Consultant/Specialist. If your tests are abnormal, you can continue your care with your private specialist or in the NHS (it is NHS policy that you are able to continue your care in the NHS)