Private MRI Scan

MRI is a safe test to get detailed images of the inside of your body.  It is the best diagnostic test for most health conditions.

How is an MRI scan with Vitalscan better?

We offer a fixed price MRI scan, that includes a report from a Specialist Radiologist.  

Check in at reception and enjoy a cappuccino or green tea. You wait for your scan in your own private room, rather than in a corridor. 

Our state of the art scanner has the largest bore, so feels less claustrophobic. It also uses artificial intelligence technology to shorten the duration of your scan by over 30%.

Having an MRI scan should be a calming experience.  You can choose from one of 40 relaxing themed videos to watch whilst in the scanner, from walking on a beach to sitting in a Japanese garden in spring blossom.

Our experienced radiographers will support you and readily answer any questions you have about the scan.

Procedure Time

15-30 minutes


Body Regions Covered

Icon Head Neck Scan Location

Head & Neck

Icon Low Back


Icon Abdomen Teal

Abdomen & Pelvis

Icon Legs Knee Joints


Most Common Symptoms

Head & Neck




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