Online video consultation with a Consultant Radiologist

We can explain your scan and report

You can book a video consultation with the Consultant Radiologist that reported your scan. You will be taken through the report and images of the scan, with any abnormal findings pointed out to you and explained.  This can help you understand your symptoms.

We can also guide on who to see for follow up treatment.  This can help to reduce delays for treatment (see Why Choose Vitalscan?)

We encourage you to ask questions about your scan

We want to help you better understand your scan. Below are some of the questions patients have asked us:

What is the cost of a consultation?

A video consultation is £80 for 15 mins. These are simple to arrange and are conducted over a scheduled video call, which you can take on your mobile, iPad or any computer using a web browser.

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No GP Referral Required

Fixed Prices

Secure Report Access

Turnaround Within Days

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