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How do I know if I need an MRI IAM?

Key symptoms to look out for to assess if you need an MRI IAM:

The scan is often normal, but this can be reassuring in itself.  If the scan shows an abnormality, our specialist radiologists are available to discuss the scan report and images with you.

What Can an MRI IAM Detect?

An MRI IAM will look at the nerves responsible for hearing and balance.  It also shows the fluid in the inner ear (membranous labyrinth).  We also get some limited images of the brain

We can pick up certain abnormalities of the hearing pathway, including:

We appreciate the anxiety that results from having an MRI scan and the possibility of an abnormality being found.  Out team are there to guide you along the process.

What does an MRI IAM involve?

Before arriving at the centre

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking.  If you have any questions about the scan, you can phone our friendly team in advance.  If we need to speak to you about the type of scan you have booked, we will get in touch

Before the scan

There is free parking at the centre, or we are a very short walk from the train station.  Our team will greet you at reception, and offer you a drink while you wait.

You will then be called into your own private dressing room where our staff will explain the procedure and go through some safety questions.  If you need to change, a gown will be provided.

If you need intravenous contrast for the scan, a cannula will be put in the vein.

During the scan

The scan takes approximately 15 minutes. It may take longer.  Different types of short scans will be performed showing the brain and IAMs in different ways. 

There will be some loud noises during the scan including banging noises, which is normal.  We will provide ear plugs or earphones with music.

Our scanner has a slightly larger bore which can reduce claustrophobia.  For some scans, we can show a video within the scanner with images designed to encourage relaxation.

Try to keep still.  This will mean that the images that the radiologist looks at will be at their best.  It will also mean that the scan time will be kept short as we will not have to repeat the scans.

After the scan

You will be taken back to your dressing room and any instructions for care after the scan will be given.  If you had contrast, you will be asked to wait a short while before your cannula is removed.

The scan will be looked at by a specialist radiologist within three days of your scan.  They will write a report which will describe the findings on the scan and they will give a conclusion which will summarise the findings and offer any suggestions for your next steps.

If you would like, you can book a virtual consultation with the radiologist who can explain the report to you and show you the pictures.

How Much Does an MRI IAM cost?

An MRI IAM costs £350.

Almost all MRI IAM scans can be interpreted without intravenous contrast. If the radiologist feels that you might benefit from contrast when they look at the scan, we can call you back.

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Results are typically delivered within 3 days. You can also book a video call appointment with the Consultant to simplify and explain your results.


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Sharing Your Report

Using our portal, you can share this with your GP or Consultant/Specialist. If your tests are abnormal, you can continue your care with your private specialist or in the NHS (it is NHS policy that you are able to continue your care in the NHS)

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