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A full body MRI can identify disease before you get symptoms. We use technology to lower the cost of a full body MRI scan.


We have scrutinised every aspect of diagnostics to put patients first. Our team of visionary medical professionals are setting new standards for excellence.


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Discover the Power of Full Body MRI – The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool

At our state-of-the-art MRI Centre, we provide cutting-edge imaging services that revolutionize the way we understand and diagnose medical conditions. Full body MRI is a complete assessment of your health. Our advanced technology and experienced Specialist Consultant Radiologists ensure accurate and reliable results, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your well-being.

Unveiling Hidden Clues: Unleashing the Potential of Full Body MRI

Traditional diagnostic techniques often focus on specific body areas or symptoms, limiting the scope of investigation. In contrast, our Full Body MRI examines every organ and system from the top of your head to mid thigh level. By capturing detailed images of your body, we can identify potential abnormalities, even in asymptomatic individuals, leading to early detection and proactive management of health conditions. Whether you’re seeking preventive care or searching for answers to unexplained symptoms, our Full Body MRI is an invaluable tool for unlocking the mysteries within.

Clinical Findings: Unearthing the Treasure Trove of Information

Here are some of the main clinical findings that our Full Body MRI can uncover:

Neurological System:

Examine the brain to detect abnormal shrinkage (can be associated with early onset dementia), tumours or strokes.

Assess the carotid, vertebral arteries and intracerebral arteries for abnormal narrowings/blockages or aneurysms.

Vascular system:

Assess the thoracic and abdominal aorta for aneurysms.


Examine the spine, spinal cord and nerve roots and identify potential sources of chronic pain or neuropathy, such as disc herniations or tumours.


Assess the chest for abnormally enlarged nodes or large masses. MRI cannot assess the lungs, coronary arteries or assess cardiac function.

Abdominal and Pelvic Organs:

Examine liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, and adrenal glands for tumours, cysts, or other anomalies.

Detect gallstones or abdominal masses.

Evaluate the health of reproductive organs (prostate, uterus and ovaries) and detect potential issues, such as tumours, fibroids or cysts.

Evidence-Based Approach: Your Health in Safe Hands

We understand that you seek reliable and evidence-based diagnostic solutions. Our Full Body MRI is backed by extensive clinical research and has demonstrated its effectiveness in numerous studies. The technology’s high sensitivity and specificity allow for accurate detection of abnormalities, reducing false positives and negatives. Our team of skilled radiologists are trained to interpret the images with precision and expertise, ensuring the utmost reliability of the results.

Your Journey to Optimal Health Starts Here

Embrace the power of Full Body MRI and embark on a journey to take control of your health. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the entire process, addressing any concerns and ensuring your comfort throughout the examination. We prioritise patient safety and adhere to strict quality standards, making your well-being our top priority.

Don’t wait until symptoms manifest or conditions progress. With our Full Body MRI, you can gain comprehensive insights into your health and take proactive measures to maintain your well-being. Schedule your appointment today and experience the transformative potential of Full Body MRI.

Invest in your health. Knowledge is the key. Uncover the hidden truths with Full Body MRI.

What Does a Full Body MRI Involve?



Before Arriving at the Centre

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking.  If you have any questions about the scan, you can phone our friendly team in advance.  If we need to speak to you about the type of scan you have booked, we will get in touch.

Before the Scan

There is free parking at the centre, or at the supermarket car park next door. We are a very short walk from the train station.  Our team will greet you at reception, and offer you a drink while you wait.

You will then be called into your own private dressing room where our staff will explain the procedure and go through some safety questions.  If you need to change, a gown will be provided.

During the Scan

The scan takes approximately 60 to 70 minutes. It may take longer. 

There will be some loud noises during the scan including banging noises, which is normal.  We will provide ear plugs or earphones with music.

Our scanner has a slightly larger bore which can reduce claustrophobia.  For some scans, we can show a video within the scanner with images designed to encourage relaxation.

Try to keep still.  This will mean that the images that the radiologist looks at will be at their best.  It will also mean that the scan time will be kept short as we will not have to repeat the scans.

After the Scan

You will be taken back to your dressing room and any instructions for care after the scan will be given.  

The scan will be looked at by a specialist radiologist within three to five days of your scan.  They will write a report which will describe the findings on the scan and they will give a conclusion which will summarise the findings and offer any suggestions for your next steps. You will have access to the report via a secure link which will be emailed to you.

If you would like, you can book a virtual consultation with the radiologist who can explain the report to you and show you the pictures.

How Much Does a Full Body MRI Cost?

The cost is £1000.

Same Day MRI Available

Having the right analysis speeds up admittance to the right treatment. We give you complete control of your healthcare journey to empower the right medical decisions with confidence.


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We Quality Check

Hate surprises? We’ll inform you if you need any further preparation or tests to avoid unnecessary time and costs.


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Have Your Scan / Diagnostic

Visit our centre for your MRI scan, ultrasound or blood test.  You will be seen by a health care specialist who will be with you across the journey.


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Your Results

Results are typically delivered within 3 days. You can also book a video call appointment with the Consultant to simplify and explain your results.


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Sharing Your Report

Using our portal, you can share this with your GP or Consultant/Specialist. If your tests are abnormal, you can continue your care with your private specialist or in the NHS (it is NHS policy that you are able to continue your care in the NHS)

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